Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks App Reviews

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Amazing App, Huge Efficency Boost

Can share check lists with significant other, friends, family and they are updated live for each other. Can create however many lists to keep yourself organized, and subtasks you can check off within each task you create. Have to give it a try!

You can’t manage what you can’t see…

…And Wunderlist enables you to see all your tasks across various areas (e.g. different customers, school subjects, personal tasks, etc), making it much easier to manage your workload and time. The UI and keyboard shortcuts make it very easy to use. No special set up required to sync lists across devices running the Wunderlist app. A nice-to-have is a field to estimate the time for a given task. And have the total estimated hours for a given day appear in the “Week" view. This would make it easier to determine when you could take-on the next work assignment, accept a meeting appointment, etc…

brilliant and simple

Just a brilliantly executed simple app that does exactly what you need. sharing across platform is great, and editing so easy. a treat to use.


One word. AMAZING! This is the best task list app I have found!

It’s good, but obvious features are still missing

The app is good, but it is unnecessarily labor intensive and over-engineered to accomplish simple time-management tasks. If you have complex todos (e.g. running a small business, or you are a hardcore task-oriented person), this app could be for you. If you want simple todo lists, I’d definitely suggest you consider other options. The developers also took a turn trying to make it into a quasi-enterprise tool so there are a bunch of features (e.g. comments which couldn’t be deleted until several releases later) that just seem poorly thought out. The developers should be spending their time in perfecting the comsumer product. However, many obvious features common to these types of apps are still missing: - Easily dragging tasks from one day or list to another, regardles of the view. - Easily moving items ahead 3 days or a week. - Calendars don’t list the days of the week, only the dates. So for example: You’ve got a task you want to move from today to next Thursday. If you open the calendar you can’t see Thursday, you see dates, so you need to calculate in your head or look on a separate calendar what day that is. Why? Is it a German thing? - If the system sync’s while you’re typing, you lose what you’re typing. - When editing subtasks, you can’t see the cursor so you will often make mistaken edits or deletes. Which is especially annoying because... - No undo function. I see it grayed out in the bar, so I presume it works at some point, but it’s always grayed out when I’ve lost content. Why? - Group edits is a surprisingly weak and under-implemented feature, especially on the mobile version. For exmaple: Let’s say you have a list with 10 items and you want to move all to 3 days from now. On mobile changing the day ahead 3 days requires 5 steps (select, open date window, select new date, click done, close drawer). But then I want to move the whole list. Because there is no batch edit, that means it will take FIFTY steps simply to move a list from today to three days from now. Why? - Staring an object sometimes moves it to the top of the list like the app says it will. Sometimes it doesn’t. Why? - The desktop version of this app crashes about 3x per week. Why? I do like this app, and I’ve been using it for years because it’s certainly one of the best and most powerful task apps on the market. Which just makes the fact that some of the most basic, easy and common features and stability present in nearly every task app have been missing from Wunderlist for years all the most frustrating.

The More I Use it, The More Uses I Find

I use this daily now. I put the family menu and shopping list. I forward all actionable email for home, keep my prayer list, home projects. You can get alot done on it and still keep it simple. I don’t use many of the more powerful features, but I consider this a main app for me.

Came back to Wunderlist after trying others

I used Wunderlist back when it was a beta, and I had since shopped around to other apps, but I just recently fired Wunderlist back up and it really has all the stuff I need that the other lists dont.

Best App Ever!

I am old school and love To Do lists, and until Wunderlist, I have kept a paper list everyday. My wife and I now share lists and it is amazing the productivity. I can list an item while she is shopping at the grocery store and it updates real time so she sees it while she is there! I have it on my desktop and all of my devices so that when I need to remember something, it is there! Love this app! Scott

Integration with Evernote unnecessarily complex...

Would love to use this as a front end to my ToDo list in Evernote. As it it is, I’ve been at it for an hour trying to set up a reasonable level of integration via Zapier. Not lovin’ it. Suggest you work with Evernote on a direct integration capability.

Love this app!

Using this app really makes me work more efficiently. I love it!

Just one detail

The one thing separating good from great for me with this app would be lack of background personalization. Seriously the only thing I think it could do better is backdrop variation and then I’d be totally in love. Otherwise it’s an amazing app! Content wise, I love the layout and being able to see all my lists separately as well as combined for the day. Very helpful for a scatterbrained person such as I.

Checks almost all the boxes ;)

I have used so many task list apps I can’t count. For me this is the best so far. The syncing is fast, tagging is great, the quick entry key very useful. I really wish we could configure the colours differently (use our own scheme or colour, but that is just cosmetic). Functionally, what would make it perfect is to have shortcut keys to move tasks up and down the list instead of dragging them. A great app.

Great program that needs some basic tweaking

I like the program for keeping track of tasks & making lists. It needs an undo option for when a task is accidentally marked complete It needs a way to view completed tasks.

Does what it says

It helps me stay really organized, and I like the sharing/team features. Overall it is a great app


Being lazy sort of and ADHD this app helps me organize and it is so simple...

Indespensible work tool

I use it for so many aspects of my work day: reminders, scheduling, task tracking. It’s easy to use and intuitive to work with. I wish more apps could learn to be so elegantly purposeful.

This dog eats your homework (I USED to use it constantly)

Updated review. tl;dr: Thanks to the major work-losing incident described here, Im firing Wunderlist for one of its major competitors after relying upon and trusting it for years. I now think of it like Cleopatra or Salome: beautiful but deadly. Full story: I cant stand to lose work. Can. Not. Stand. It. Theres no reason in this day of cloud-enabled everything to lose much of anything, unless its unambiguously operator error (as in taking a sledgehammer to your hard drive before backing it up). If software eats your work more than once, FIRE IT—and if youre so inclined, leave a pointed review. Ive taken a few days to calm down, so Ill describe in detail how I lost my work (both to make this review useful, and so that I seem sane). One flaw that helped lead to the incident: I appreciate that Wunderlist syncs frequently when youre connected to the Internet, but its hyperagressive about it (meaning way too frequent). Ergo, it syncs WHILE youre doing different things with a single task, like moving it from one list to another while changing the due date (etc.), and it routinely forgets one of the changes as its sending the other to the cloud. Because I use it so heavily, this is not a rare experience. It wastes time and is annoying, but forgivable. I came to the point where I needed to do a LOT of such task organization. Again, this is because I used Wunderlist so heavily. (Maybe this is all punishment for me being a fan.) I was offline at the time, and spent more than an hour putting tasks into the right list, carefully setting due dates (lots of work, considering their not-so-great UI for doing so), updating quite a few text/notes/subtasks, marking some completed, deleting duplicates, and adding new ones. In short, lots of intricate work. As soon as I reconnected… BOOM. App crash. (Did I mention that the Mac app crashes frequently? It does.) I re-opened it (duh) then… BOOM NUMBER TWO. All that work was utterly lost. The app pulled the remote data down, ignored the fact that it was older than the local data, and overwrote everything I had done while offline. Thank goodness I have a sturdy heart. Lets just say, this was… an unpleasant moment. I learned in this ordeal that Wunderlist does NOT keep a local backup. WHAT THE WHAT?! Is it not 2016? Sync issues are going to happen and they should be recoverable! To sum up: use Wunderlist at your own risk. You and your team WILL lose data and work at some point—its just a matter of how much and how often. (Especially if youre ever on a plane and Wunderlist-ing while disconnected for a while.) 6Wunderkinder must pay more attention to safeguards and common edge cases. But heck, even if they do, Im probably never coming back. My earlier 5-star review used to read: I dont often rave about software, but Wunderlists functionality while simple is truly elegant. It has hit the Goldilocks niche in features (not too many, not too few). It does what it does very well. Its beautifully simple and easy to use, but keeps me on track. The cross-device sync is key and I love the e-mail reminder capability (it has native OSX and iOS notifications that are great, but sometimes I need that extra push). I really really wish the 6Wunderkinder people would make a mail app. (Seriously!)

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