Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks App Reviews

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Simple. Reliable. EFFECTIVE!!!

For how simple a task it is to be able to to have multiple lists under multiple projects/ventures/businesses, it has sure been difficult over the years finding a one-stop solution for my organizational needs! Wanderlist is LEGIT! I’m an org freak. I check in multiple times a day on multiple devices: iphone, iPad, and desktop. My lists are always synced and the app so intuitively designed and easy to work with day in day out. It means A LOT to be able to have FAITH in an application to hold what’s in yoru brain and know that when you wake up — It’s there! :)

Love this app

Super useful, reliable and the UI is just so pleasant to look at! Both for the Mac OS X client app as well as the phone app. Kudos developers and designers!

Solid App

I use it everyday. Very easy to create and organize reminders. I wish that you could set up reoccuring reminders.

Pretty much all you need

Has all the features you’d want in a to-do app: due dates, reminders, categories, and sharing options.

Love it

I use it everyday for my business - it helps me stay organized. Highly recomend it.

Great app

I love that you can have different types of lists, due dates and even break it down into steps. Best app ever! Keeps me on track for school.

A great app

Works well, looks good (especially after you customize the background), syncs nicely between my iPhone, Mac and Windows PC.


Finally a great app for helping to organize shopping lists, and any other list you can think of. It’s been a real help. Thank You to the designers!!!

Does as advertised!

All that you would require in a To Do app.

Been here from the beginning, awesome!

This app is awesome! Dependable, no glitches and easy to use. Wunderlist flows like no other task tracking app, for free!


We’ve been using this app as a family and it has been incredibly valuable for coordinating shopping and other lists. Even though I haven’t used all the features, the basic sharing between phone and computer across users has been unparalleled in usefulness. Thanks for the good programming!

It’s awesome!

The app is AMAZING of how it can organize your tasks in different folders. Love how it is offline and is able to change different backgrounds. Very easy and simple to do!! Awesome & amazing!! Thank you Wunderlist!

Very useful tool

We have a number of family projects on the go and this tool allows us to share the workload by having shared lists and to keep each other informed. I am also able to have private lists of things I need to get done. Highly Recommend this tool.

Not too complex and quite flexible

Hierarchical projects and lists (with folders), plus tasks and subtasks. If you’re an outline-type thinker, you may like this. Reminders and calendar integration. Nice UI and syncing between devices works fine. A little slow at times.


I just started using this app, and so far, it has been really helpful! 5 stars I still need to learn more to take advantage of it, but it seems to be helping me with keeping on top of things!! Syncing also works well between the Mac and iPhone. Would like to be able have a dictation option…maybe it does have that and I don’t know about it yet! Thanks for the awesome app. I already recommended it to others.

Keeps me in Order

Briefly put, After a brain operation (I don’t recommend those), this app has helped keep what is now a TERRIBLE memory in order. Whoever thought of this is at the top of my Christmas card list!

Use it everday!!!

Such a great to do app. Probably the best!

Good app

Its a good form of reminder and I like the fact that you can share a lost with family (e.g. Shopping list) so that there are no duplicate buying. I haven’t figured out all the things this app can do but it serves my need at the moment.

Great! It’s a life saver

This app is simply great… Automatic sync with iphone or computer is great. It’s good even for grocery list, and the sharing feature is very helpful.

A great boost to my productivity

This app is great. I have tried numerous list and to-do apps and have found this to be the best for my life style. Sure my family and I use Habitica to help us build our healthy habits in a fun and engaging way but when I really need to get things done and plan out aspects of my life this is the app I always rely on. The ability to group my to do items into folder, then have subtasks on each to do item allows me to organize all the things I want to get done. The ease with which I can create due dates and reminders makes me more productive by giving me the extra push that I need now and then. Having the ability to go back and look at tasks I have completed and when they were completed is also very beneficial; especially when keeping track of tasks for work. The app is slick both on the Mac and on my iPad mini and synchronizes seamlessly between the two. I highly rate this app for its simplicity, full range of features, quality, and the fact that it does not require a subscription to have a great quality product. Shadallark

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