Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks App Reviews

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Must Have App

I love this app, been using it since the early beta versions and now it is an essential part of my creative workflow for filmmakeing and song writing. Easy to use and very powerfull.

Best App I Use

I use a lot of Apss, this - by far, is the BEST one. I take every opportunity to tell people about this App.

Fantastic for business and personal lists and reminders

This is a great app for keeping track of all of my events (Photo booth business) and what stage I am up to with each client. I can keep a record of payments, contracts, graphics, etc. I love how I can take a phone call from a client and can enter a reminder to perform a task on my phone and it syncs perfectly to my laptop for later action. For personal shopping lists and reminders it is perfect too. Just typing in a reminder will make a note on the calendar too! If I think of something I need to do while I’m reading on the ipad, out with my phone or on the laptop I can jot it down and not forget it later and keep going with other tasks. My only wish would be the ability to dupclicate lists in the app and not have to use the web version. But this isn’t too hard to do.

really good

its really good i think. pretty helpful

Awesome for people with multiple projects on the go

I’ve always been a pen-and-paper to-do list maker, but I have recently become a Wunderlist convert. I really, really love this app. I can toss any bright idea or task or chore in there quickly and clear my mind. The variety of lists is really helpful for flipping between work and freelance projects and wedding planning, and it makes my brain happy to be able to view by category or by today (or this week’s) to-do list. I was looking for a calendar app/program that featured integrated to-do lists, but Wunderlist syncs seamlessly with iCal so it’s perfect, and I love that I can use it on the desktop or my phone. It’s the best!

Almost perfect...

A slick application that’s a treat to use. That said, the only thing that I would love to see is greater GTD functionality (Getting Things Done by David Allen). Otherwise, it’s a slick application and works well on all platforms and with multiple users sharing tasks, etc. My wife and I use it to manage our stuff at home, and I use it with my team at work to manage multiple projects. The use of hashtags is a welcome addition. However, I would love to see custom “smart lists” to quickly identify tasks by context.

Excellent Tool!

This is an awesome and dependable app! it helps you be organized and get things done. I love the ability to write notes with each task.

bug on iPhone

Bug on iOS 10. When I add a task on my computer and my iPhone is not open, the task never appear on the app, even if a do a sync manually.

Extremely helpful

Helps me get things done


I love Wunderlist. Game changer for me staying organized. I have to manage so many things in my day to day life, and I couldn’t do it without Wunderlist!

A solid value

I use it since its appearance in the Appstore and it continually gets better and better.

Loved them since they first started

Love the simplicity (and capability) of this app. There are little compromises often made in the name of “purity” and I feel this app makes none. Truly a great app to have in your Dock at all times. 10/10 - I’ve recommended this app already countless times! Kudos to the team, well done!

The best to do/task list app I have ever used

I have tried many many app like Wunderlist, but nothing has beat wunderlist in terms of simplicity, features or ease of use. I love this app!

best to do app ever

this is the best to do app ever

これは素晴らしい。全てのPC からアクセスして利用している

知るきっかけは Todoist だったが、Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 のアプリをさがしていて Wunderlist を使い始めた。Fire 対応版の Todoist は見つからない。 Wunderlist を使いはじめてサポートセンターが充実していて大変参考になった。思いついたことを Inbox に書き込んでから後に整理して利用している。 タスクの書き込みは”動詞”を使うとよいことに気が付いた。 Mac, iPad, Fire HDX, と Ubuntu で使っている。 Ubuntu 対応版が無いので Wunderlist for Chorome を利用している。全てのPC からアクセスして利用している。 Wunderlist の使っていると、Evernote の動作がまどろっこしく感じます。 Wunderlist を主に使いそれを補うために Evernote を使うスタイルにかわりつつあります。

one of the besr free apps

just download it and use it.This app is free, so If you do not like it just uninstall it. I doubt you remove it though Also, if you have Alfred installed on your machine, there’s a workflow for this.I promise you it will boost your productivity sky-high

Bug when entering sub tasks

I LOVE this app, but one small bug that is really annoying. When I click on a sub task and try to type something, the words disappear for some reason. I can only see it after hitting enter, and it’s really difficult to enter a sub task and very very annoying. Could you please fix this ASAP! Other than this, this is a really great app.

I can’t see text on subtask!!!

Please fix this bug as soon as possible!!! It is very useless on this version 3.4.5.


Very useful and practical. I use the application during my workday in the advertising agency. A specific and user-uploaded background for each list would be great for separating them easier.

Great app but one month subscription is too high

The app works great on my iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. Fast and useful. I hope they reduce the subscription fee!!

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