Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks App Reviews

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basically works. Just does not feel productive

I use this. I have used this for a long time. I’ve never been thrilled by it. If I were to find another OS X and iOS combination of apps that does just a few things better, I’d use it.

Perfect to-do list

I finally found the perfect to-do list. I love how Wunderlist syncs across devices, and the lists are easily shareable. Checkboxes within checkboxes - yes!

Finally! Best to-do app!

I’ve tried so may to-do apps and Wunderlist (in it’s curret itteration) is finally a perfect fit for me. I love the instant syincing from iPhone to Macbook. Love the options, and love that there arent too many options that it’s overwhelming. :-)

Great simple tool

One particular thing I love about this product is its UI and UX. Easy to use, drag and drop for simple tasks, especially short term todo items. Cloud sync between phone and laptop also helps tremendously. The alerts are always early though, perhaps because the app uses European time, while I live in US.

Excellent Tool

Amazing in every way! Please, don’t go the Evernote’s way of charging subscriptions.


Useful to sync my lists and create sublists, attach files, notes, etc.

Amazing app that I could not do without

I have been using this app for about 4 of 5 years now and there is absolutely nothing that even comes close to comparing to it. It is the most used app on my phone and the third most used app on my computer. I have tried other checklists and while they did the job, this one does it much better.

Getting Things Done

I found Wunderlist via the GTD (Getting Things Done) newsletter and am loving it so far. My wife has not been very interested in these types of apps, she has been a pen and paper list maker for too long she says, but after a few days on Wunderlist I see her using it more and more. The cross device linking and ease of access has gotten her attention. Loving it mself so far. I still have a fair amount of tasks to input and organize, but what I have done to date has gone well.

Non-adjustable text. Unusable on high resolution display.

The font is too small and cannot be adjusted. I have a high resolution display. This makes the text too small. It is unreadable, rendering the entire app unusable. There has been a feature request open for years for them to make the font adjustable like just about every other modern app. I can’t understand why such a basic accessibility feature was skipped.

extra stars for doing what paid apps does

If I could give more than 5 stars, it will be for this app. I spent money on few paid to-do apps until I accidentally stumbled into free goldmine. This is an excellent tool that keeps my todo list in sync across my mac and iphone. I walk into my meetings without my mac, using this iphone app I can talk about various issues / tasks and keep close tab on them.


I am a completely scatterbrained person. This app helps me keep on track. It also is very helpful in completing work related tasks. I cannot imagine myself without Wunderlist. Thanks for creating such an awesome app.

Almost Perfect

Aesthetically I have liked some other apps better, and I would like to more easily sort to-dos by date. Beyond that, I can’t think of anything I dont love about this app. It is inexpensive, the phone version makes it easy to quiclkly add tasks, collaboration is simple and effective, and more. One of my favorite features is the ability to add attachments to to-do list items. I used to use ‘Things’ which is much more expensive and does not have this feature. I highly reccomend it if you live with a to do list guiding your daily work. I will add that I don’t use this for personal use. I just use apple reminders for that. I like my work app to be separate and not touch it when I’m at home.

Indispensible Tool

We use Wunderlist to run two restaurants. Could not live without it.


This app is amazing if you are someone who is into to do lists. I use this for school and have different folders for each class. Also I love how you can have it on your phone for on the go and on the computer when you are doing work. I would recomend this to someone if they like to make to do lists.

Easy to use

Quick task capture on phone and computer, star tasks to make a priority list, subtasks if you need them. Good feature set but its not in your face. Great choice for streamlining daily routine, and for people who have trouble actually using more complicated apps. Lacks the planing process you can get with something like Trello or Evernote, but often simple is better.


Only gripe is that there is no way to automatically sort tasks by due date.

Best To do app but missing some features

I love this app! It has added some great features like the hot key to quickly add a new to do item and the widget to replace the apple reminders. It’s missing some KEY and maybe not specific to the desktop application but the features such as • When adding a task for “tomorrow” it puts everything at the same time! :( • The ability to drag a to-do item into the tomorrow or next week list • Location Based Reminders • Alexa Integration • Mac Desktop Siri Integration

Sweet Integration

I have tried a variety of ToDo’s from the AppStore, but I always return to Wunderlist and finally have integrated it with all of my devices. It just works, and works perfectly. I use it for a variety of tasks and integrate it with the generic Mac Calendar. It is easy to use, user friendly for those that are not Compyter or Software savvy, and has plenty of great functionality for the free version. I am deciding to move forward to the Payed version to add more usabilities. I truly love this App - Keep up the good work guys!

Multiple accounts use/Completed list editing

Great application! Only wish one could see my multiple accounts seamlessly rather than logging in and out each time. Also once Item is completed, one has to troll through all the completed items list to figure out what was the status and response from person working on the project. Would be better if there is some sort of date stamp of when items have been completed. Date due should have the ability to show changed due dates of items. For example if it is originally due April 1 and shows that date then the changed new due date of April 15. Folks can see how much time was allotted from original date.

Best Task List

I was a big fan of the Ecco Pro program ‘way back in the 90s and was saddened when they stopped supporting it. As I moved into the smartphone and tablet world and began loading apps, I kept looking for another program as useful as Ecco but until I found Wunderlist, there wasn’t one! While there are a few features I liked better in Ecco, Wunderlist does a surprising job accomplishing most of the same tasks and does some even better. I often teach technology workshops, and this is one of the top two I recommend and teach to university students and staff. I should buy stock, I have sent so many people to Wunderlist! It has simplified my life and helped me stay more organized. If you haven’t tried it, don’t assume it is simply a list-maker; it also performs nicely as a place to capture other kinds of information—not just lists. Hats off to the Wunderlist folks—keep those improvements coming!

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