Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks App Reviews

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Works very well

This app works perfectly for my needs. It’s especially useful for keeping reminders and records of to-do’s connected to emails, Will even include the attachments!

The best GETTING THINGS DONE app ever

Wunderlist has moved to the top of my ‘most used’ apps on my Macbook & my iPhone and has become my proven path to a systematically productive workflow. I recommend using it in combination with THE PRACTICING MIND by Thomas M. Sterner.

Great App!

Wunderlist keeps my whole family organized and fed! It is easy to use for everyone and simple to get started. I love the desktop integration as well.

Awesome App, for desktop & mobile! (Feature Request)

So love this app & have for a long time. It is simple enough to use in the most basic way possible; but has the right balance of advanced features tucked away for people who need more. And for “power users” there’s even more useful functionality. I also like the app from the perspective that it seems to be built by a group of people who’s singular focus is this qpp. All that said … The aide panel that you can toggle to add notes, due dates etc for an individual to-do closes when you switch lists. Not a huge deal but when you want that area open & have to switch back & forth it’s a lot of extra clicks. Under General Settings — for OSX / Desktop versions — it would be awesome to have a checkbox to “lock the side panel open.”

Still the best task checklist I’ve found

Wouldn’t mind a few other features, but this is the best free task list app i’ve encountered.

Love this APP!

The perfect solution for my to do list. My husband has it downloaded on his phone and we use the same account. Now he doesn’t have to call me anymore to see what I need at the grocery. All he has to do is to look on Wunderlist and there it is! Very good product for this 60-something with ADHD. I just don’t forget things like I used to, because my list is always there. Productivity has gone way up! THANK YOU!

Absolutely love this App!

I have my MBA in project managment and would consider myself a very organized person. I use many methods, tools and apps to stay on task and keep my life in order. This application is by far one of the best I’ve ever used. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t try too hard to be like other organizer apps. It’s simple, easy to use and super easy to introduce to others when sharing lists. This is one of those apps where the only changes youd make are occasionall enhancements. No need to add more features. it’s perfect the way it is.

Good not yet great

An update to my update below. I could really use the upgrade to Pro, but I am hesitant due to my real estate issue with the 3rd column discussed below. I just can’t spend $50 with the limited view you have on the most important parts of your list/notes. An upgrade on this issue will earn Wunderlist 5 stars and $50. Ball is in theiur court. _________________________________________________________ This is an update to my original review below. The crashes and files going stale issues seem to have been resolved. My biggest issue with Wunderlist is real estate. The left hand column, your lists and files is adjustable, which is unnecessary because it never needs to be as wide as you can make it. The middle column is highly adjustable, not that you need it. These are all of your items in your lists. Only the 3rd column is not adjustable. This column has the calendar to set reminders and repeating tasks. It has your notes and has all of your attachments. This is the column that should have the majority of the real estate, but doesn’t. It makes reviewing your notes and attachments much more difficult than should be necessary. If others don’t agree, then simply making it adjustable like the 2 others would satisfy everyone. An upgrade here would certainly have me considering 5 stars. have been using Wunderlist for quite awhile now. Generally speaking I really like it conceptually, and you honestly can’t argue with the price. I do have a couple of concerns: - Every time, I open an attachment it crashes without fail. - Attachments seem to timeout. If you don’t open something for several weeks, it will go stale and not open anymore. - Probably just me, but I would really like one more layer of files/sub-categories. The addition of files was great and helped organized my burgeoning list, but if you use the files function, there should be one more layer of sub-category in my opinion. Overall, good. Looking forward to enhancements.

The personal assistant of my dreams

This is a great tool to get things done, keep track of things, make lists, share lists. It’s really simple, straightforward, uncomplicated. I imagine I use it like people would use Evernote but I find using that app to be like going to a horrible corporate job that I hate. This is more friendly, usable, and lovely. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Super smooth and does exactly what I need

I don’t want anything terribly fancy, just a list of things to do with optional due dates and reminders, synced to my phone. Wunderlist does those things very well. Yay.

Exactly what you’ve been looking for

wow this made me so much more organized! simple, clean and intuitive. Well done please take some of my money! =)

Won’t open

I’ve been enjoying Wunderlist for a few years now. However after updating to the new 3.4.3 version it refuses to open on my Mac running El Capitan. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. I contacted Wunderlist’s customer service which was completely uesless; they advised me to access the app through another device. Thanks, but I need it working on my Mac and I don’t like the web app. Guess I will be saying goodbye to Wunderlist and move onto something else.

good but…..

it has everything i need but i hope the reminder could be repeatitive instead the due date.

Amazing app for productivity

I have always heard that people should have a to do list. For my job, I have so many factors that pad and paper never seemed enough. I tried wunderlist in an attempt to become more organized. I found that the app provided all of the tools and flexibility I needed! IKt is a straight foward app that has plenty of depth for power users.


Love this app. Our team uses it consistently, which can’t be said for any other task management system. Just wish I could sort on the smart list “Assigned to me”… UPDATE: The repeating tasks need some work. Sometimes upon completion the next task isn’t recreated. Also, not being able to sort by due date on the “Assigned to me” smart list is beyond annoying — it’s a time waster. I hate having to figure our which of those tasks are due this week.

This has become a key component of my productivity

In addition to the simple to-do nature of it, I really love keeping an on-going tab for a “wish-list” where I can link URL’s kind of like a pinterest for to-do’s.

Should be called WunderTasks

I was soooo disappointed when the maker of iProcrastinate stopped updating the software. It turned out to be a blessing as Wanderlist does everything and more that iProcrastinate did and it’s far easier on the eyes … nice design and personalization. My only complaint would be that there be a “grocery” specific list that would work similar to Anylist, with pre-entered common groceries already categorized by grocery section (produce, deli, etc). In lieu of abandoning iProcrastinate, I hoped to find an ap that did both. As it stands I have two eps … Wonderlist and Anylist. Other than that, I would give it 5 stars. I also love the automatic updates and that someone somewhere is staying on top of those really well. I love the recent addition of folders and the ability to attach files. I haven’t used it yet, but once I convince my co-workers and they get Wunderlist, I can totally see us using the chat feature to talk about tasks on our shared lists. Nice!

Good, potentially great - developers, please read.

I have used this application since it was released for iOS and recently, on my iMac. I really enjoy the ease at which you can create custom folder/groups and simply create a task. Out of the box it is simple, fairly poweful and offers a lot given the price - FREE. I would gladly pay the recurring fee or a one-time fee for additional functionality. If the app had the following it would replace my suite of Wanderlust, Jira and Redmine. I would think I am not the only one who would appreciate a further refinement of a tasks sub-tasks. I would like there to be a way to create multiple tasks/to-do’s and make certain tasks predicated on completion of other tasks. For example, I need to order 500’ of shielded XYZ and 200 Z connectors upon completion of Project Y and receipt of payment. I realize this can be done with sub-tasks but when you have multiple ‘projects’ or to-do’s with several uncompleted sub-tasks it quickly clutters up my main screen. I realize this is NOT a project management suite but it could be a great all-purpose to-do list, task tracker AND moderately powerful project management app. Isn’t everything is life including tasks really just a giant project? Having said that, the application out of the box is really, really good. I would like to see the ability to assign due dates and reminders for sub-tasks but aside from that, not much more I can mention as areas of possible improvement, at least from my limit use case scenarious. Well done, developers. This is a good to great application that could be even better with a few feature additions and enhancements. If nothing changes with the app aside from minor bug fixes and speed improvements this would still be one of the best apps I have used to track tasks. The UI is well thought out, well laid out, simple to use without questions and runs very, very stable. Thank you for such a great app at such a good price. Please do not take my statements above as critical, they are not. Nor do they detract from what I believe is one of the best productivity apps available on any platform.

Just what we needed!

My husband and I both have businesses and run our household. This app is perfect for all lists and works perfectly with all our devices, so if we think of something that we need at the grocery store, my husband can easily add from his phone or iPad, or I can do the same. OR, if either of us is on our computer, Mac or PC, just open the app and get it added. And, that’s not just for groceries, it’s for anything that needs to be done. WE LOVE IT!!!

Love it. It’s an amazing tool for self-employed businesspeople.

Wunderlist is the central nervous system for my business activities. Granted, I have so much going on that it’s easy sometimes to just respond to interruptions, but when I actually focus on it and work through it, Wunderlist is super helpful. I’ve been a Pro user for a couple of years, and I touch it every day on my Mac and iPhone.

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