Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks App Reviews

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Love it, but wish it had colors

I can’t live without Wunderlist—love the syncing across devices, and generally love the features. I really, really wish I could color code particular items, however. It’s helpful for me to have one list for my whole day, but some items are work-related, some are personal…I want to be able to tell at a glance which are which, and colors would help me do that! But overall, it’s a great app.

It does every thing I need

I only wish there were color coding. The lists and info are laid out in a way that is very useful, but color coding just let me add a layer of metadata that I can see just by looking at the lists. Great platform overall.

Keep coming back to Wanderlust

I’ve used Wunderlist for years - it has the sweet spot I need of detail, but not too much / customization, but not too much / & alerts - notifications. I have not used it for any collaborative work, strictly personal. I’ve tried other to-do apps, but as intriguing as some are - they always seem to missing something or get to complex. So I keep coming back! Now, If I could only get my wife to get an account!

One of My Daily Go-To Apps

Wunderlist is one of my go-to apps that I use each day. I keep a number of lists…grocery list, hardware store list, to-do list, work list…the list goes on! Super easy to use, love that it syncs with my iPhone (great for grocery shopping). Integration with other apps is good (i.e., sending something to read later). Highly recommended.

Great product! 5 stars, but needing an account is a pain point

The discipline of this product is what makes it great. It does not try to do too much. I wish an account with FaceBook or Google was not needed to login. I am at work and don’t generally use my home accounts while at work, so I needed to go through the pain of creating a separate Google address. Aside from that, the product is great, easy, and trouble free.


You can’t beat this wonderful organizational tool. It has become a very valuable app

Does What It Needs to Do

I’ve been using it for a while now and it does what it needs to do and it has, pretty much, everything I could ask for. However, it’s look and feel is starting to get a little meh. Can’t quite put my finger on it. But it needs updating or something. Otherwise, great tool.

Everything you could want

Replaces grocery list, TODO list, Wish List, list by store, etc. All in one place & synced across all your devices so you always have lists with you.

Simple, Effective, Portable lists

I love this tool. Run the client on my Macbook Pro, iPad, iPhone. It’s simple, has enough features, and the cloud-based synching makes it especially useful. Not much more to say. I tried other similar tools but this one worked best for what I needed. Absolutely try it.

Amazing App Used On a Daily Basis

This is a wonderful app that I use on a daily basis for everything from grocery lists to to-do lists. I love the simple UI and the organization levels that comes with the app. The integration between iPhones and Mac is seamless. Love the app!!

Seamless, Thank you

I have been a user for as long as I can remember. It was one of the first apps I bought. I think that simplicity and focus of the app is perfect. It does not try to be too much, it focuses on its core. The new connection with outlook on my iphone is again, seamless.

Very useful and polished app for helping to stay organized.

It’s an Apple Essentials app for a reason. I use this every day for work and family tasks.

GReat program for IOS

I love it! It keeps all my devices updated. It posts To dos to my apple calendar too. Thanks.

Simple Yet Elegant And Easy To Use

Wunderlist strikes a nice balance between simplicity and features. It is easy to set up, to customize, to learn, and to use. It has been my “go to” to-do app for a long time now. Wanderlust helps me manage my day and makes me more productive. It allows me to stay on task and to avoid distractions. Keep up the good work!

Highly recommended

I was using a different platform until today, when I grew tired of putting up with syncing issues. Wunderlist is great. It has a simple interface and it is free. But most importantly, it syncs to my phones pretty much immediately.

Great tool

A simple yet effective tool for managing/juggling all your tasks. I can imagine using this for both personal and work/team situations.

Useful & adaptable

I’d rather use wunderlist than have a piece of paper all crunched up in my pocket anyday. You can set new categories, subdivide, assign - no wonder I use it so much!

Love This App

Im new to the Mac world and was looking for a way to keep up with my workload and productivity. After reviewing several applications I decided to thry Wunderlist. This app is great. Its easy to use with a simple interface yet very robust in being able to add documents, add subtask, reminders, due dates, etc. After using I tried to switch over to Evernote and realized that Evernote is great for working projects, but not for keeping up with To-Do’s and task. Within a day I was back to using this app and actually decided not to use Evernote. This app is perfect. Five stars all the way.


It simply has everything that the vast majority of people will need - Simple, yet full-featured. Beautiful, but not distracting. Always being updated. The absolute best part, is that you can customize it, just enough, but not too much. It allows you to track and manage tasks, without getting bogged down into the mechanics of the software. Perfect!

Has everything you need, and synchs your devices

I looked at a bunch, and WunderTasks has everything I was looking for while remaining simple to use: - easy to create tasks - multiple links - reminder notifications - synchs all your devices - accessible on the web What else do you need? Perfect!

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