Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks App Reviews

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Lots of bugs

There are a lot of bugs in this version. Such as can’t change date with right click, app crashes and many more.

Her makinamda olması güzel

Nice to have it up and running on all devices, in synch

Functional and useful

makes our life easy tracing all todos and related communication with my teams, use in multiple devices.

Best to do app ever!

I love the simple design and functionality!

Really “Wunder”ful.

I use Wunderlist everyday to organize my medium to long term task lists. It’s available everywhere, allows collaboration and can be used to divide big tasks to smaller steps. I started to use it before it got native applications for platforms, before it got big. It’s essence of simplicity never faded away, but got tremendously powerful over the years. It became an essential part of my daily routine and bears a great load for me, hence relieving me from great stress of remembering tasks and roadmaps. Please be around, be simple and be powerful.

Love it !

I love it ! I would love even more if it could import from other services like trello etc.

Amazing app

I like it so much, but if you can make underlist task directly from the List , ex when cmd+click , underlist task be showed ...

Loving it

We are using in the company and everybody is happy. We tried Slack however we choose Wunder


O kadar iyi ki yorum yapma ihtiyacı dydum, MUKEMMEL Thx to ones who contributed the app…

YArarlı ama Sync Serverlar hep arızalanıyor..

Yararlı App bence ama Sync Serverlar hep arızalanıyor. Sync Server mostly have problems.Need fix by Wunderlist.

Great application ever!

I have benn looking for so long for a to do application that would be usefull for everything. I have checked all possible to-do applications and this is the best so far. It is very easy to use. This aaplication has a nice design and you can use it as a planner as a tick or to do application. Perfect for work, study, personal things. Best of the best!!! I strongly recommend it.

Beautifull & usefull

I’ve tried many list-apps and this one is simply the best. Wunderlist is consistently & noticeably developed in the right direction. You can use it anywhere on every device - Mac, PC, Smartphone, even through (very good) web client.

It’s a must!

A great app for everyone. Right now I organize all my daily tasks using Wunderlist and simply cannot image functioning without it. Life made easier, to put it simple.. :-)


Perfect application for remote workers!

Very, very, very good.

The application is really good. It helps me a lot. It synchronizes quickly with iphone verision.

Great reliable to-do app

I’ve used Evernote, Clear, Swipes, Todoist, and many other players in the field. For only personal todos, I was happy with Clear / Swipes. But when I needed to share to-do lists with other people, and have reliable experience, consistent on all platforms and quick, I switched to Wunderlist.


Clear and neat! Must have on every device!

Most comprehansive

This is one of my favorite apps ever made. Simple in use and very beautiful and clear interface.

Very well

Works fine. Only things that i miss are subfolders and easy way to delete multiple items (now i have to click single item, then click delete icon, its horror if i had to delete many items). I’m using free version (its not that helpful to pay for it).

Great App

Have been looking for a to-do app for quite some time. But they are always either too complex, or they don’t do more than basic the basics. I think you guys really got the perfect balance between what is needed, and what is unnecessary. Thanks for helping me be more organized ;)

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