Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks App Reviews

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Excellent tool

Was in the market for a task tracking tool. I wanted the ability to create a to-do list with the occasional reminder. I tried another highly rated app - Todoist - and I was surprised by how limited and unintuitive the app felt. Not to mention, it seemed like half of the apps features were hidden behind their paywall, even basic things like “What did I just check off my list?”. It was incredibly frustrating. I figured I’d try another application. They can’t all be garbage, right? I installed Wunderlist and started to play around with it. Much better experience. Tasks can have sub tasks and notes. Easy to set reminders. Solid integration with the phone app. All around A+. I’ve only used the tool for a few days though. I’ll post an update if my feelings change.

So easy and natural. it just adds a new extension to my brain


Not too light, not too heavy

I’ve used a bunch of different to-do list apps now and this one simply struck the best balance between ease-of-use and number of features. Great interface, too.

Perfect for me

Not a project manager and my needs were simple but with growth potential for my business. the more i use it each day, the better it seems to get.

Nice, but could be better

Simple and effective to do list. However, very unstable. I have it on three Macs and it unexpectedly quits on all of them just about every day.

So helpful.

This app will help you so much at life in general. It allows you to share any of the lists that you want, so if you want to pack your things you can make a “Packing” list and then share it with your family. While I love the app, I do not recommend the Pro version.

I love Wunderlist

I have used a lot of ToDo apps with Appigos ToDo being the last one before I switched to Wunderlist and I have never looked back, despite the time I put into ToDo customizing it to the way I worked. The one feature I wish was added would be geo-location reminders, so I could setup a reminder to be activated whenI am near a location rather than on a date/time. Otherwise, I would not hesitate to pickup this app. Now lets hope Microsoft does not shut it down as they often do with companies they acquire.

Finally a multi-OS utility that really works

This is such a great app. Lots of capability but not complicated. It truely works across platforms. I use it on my MacBook, my iPhone, iPad, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Everything stays syned. The little quick add widgets are amazing.


This thing helps me get so much done!


It’s really cool app. it helps me to stay on track and it reminds me of my daily tasks easpecially my school work.

Clean and Simple

The interface for wunderlist is very clean and straightforward. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The reminders also work great - very slick.

Beats Todoist and 2Do and others I checked out

Does everything I need for free (unlike Todoist that wanted to charge a lot every year for these features) and it syncs with a desktop version (also free) unllike some of the other to do apps out there. Be sure to set up the function that allows you to forward emails to the app, making them into action items instantly.


Perfect for my needs - wanted a simple to-do list that I could share with my husband. Does everything I need - can have sub-tasks, assign tasks, can see the checked off items. I tried several before this and was unhappy, so especially happy to have found Wunderlist!

Straighforward and Easy to Use

This is the sort of low overhead program that I was looking for. It does what I need without fanfare, but I am still learning a few tricks to make it even more useful.

Works Great.

I have no issues with it. It works great and does everything I want.


This is the best, most simple app to get things done. I only wish there was more flexibility with sorting and smart lists. Just a simple “tomorrow” smart list would be so nice to quickly access from the sidebar. All in all – #1 to-do list app.

LOVE it. Request Tweaks

Love your app. Moved to it from another because it is accessible on both my Apple devices. Very nice. 4.8 Stars. Would have been/will be 5. Two features that I would like to see are: - Ability to set repeated reminders — daily and hourly nagging is nice when the reminder comes up on the go. - Ability to attach emails by dragging on my MacBook. Thanks for the great tool. -John


good app for organization. I like the fact that you can make separte folders and critique every little thing with just the standard version alone. However, I don’t like the fact that whenever I check something off and it disappears, it reappears again out of nowhere

Love Wunderlist

Getting my task in one place with easy to use sub-task makes this the best tasklist app I have every used. Also love the ability to break my tasklist out into multiple folders/projects, makes organization a breeze. Highly recommend.

Keeps My Life Together

I loooooove Wunderlist. It seriously rocks. I love how you can organize your lists by folders and add notes as well. The best part is that you can have due dates and reminders independent of eachother, which you can’t do with most pre-installed reminder applications. Really enjoy this app and would reccomend it to everyone trying to organize their life!

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