Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks App Reviews

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good but still some options missing

2 things I would like to see in Wunderlust: 1/ Geolocalisation of the tasks. Get a reminder for your task when you leave or arrive in a specific place. 2/ Create a task for a mutiple number of list. One task attributed at once to different lists Thanks

Great Tool for Pros

The best action list 740Park Strategy

Date bug fixed!!

This bug was being pretty annoying, but Wunderlist team heard our complaints and fixed it. Fantastic! Thank you guys!


Great App, similir to notes but has a little bit of a fun and easy to use to do list.!!!! great work companion

Better than google keep!

I needed to replace google keep because sadly, you can only use as an app on your mac if you are online and have Chrome installed. Nope, I don’t want chrome and it is sure I don’t want it open if I need to write a note. So I’m back to Wunderlist :)

Excellent functionality.

I use this app for keeping track of my work and personal tasks. It does the job and more. Excellent interface and super easy to use. Highly recommended!


Great Application, very useful ! thanks a lot :D I love it !

So good absolutely perfect

It’s a really great app. The whole design feels really fluid and the sync across the devices is extremely handy. I would recommend to anyone who wants to develop a routine for keeping track of ongoing tasks, deadlines and etc.

It’s nearly perfect!

I fell out of love with Wunderlist over the years, but I’ve come back around lately and I’m so glad I did. The interface is clean, the features are pared down to the essentials, and it sports a number of handy integrations with Chrome, Zapier, Slack, etc. My only complaint is that the Mac version hasn’t been given the facelift that’s been given to their mobile apps. It’s pretty! And I want it.

Everything I need

This is the best checklist/productivity app I’ve found. I’ve used a couple others that have either changed to crappier formats or disappeared completely. Wunderlist is free and I’m able to do everything with it that I need to do, and there are no ads or annoying features to try to get you to upgrade to a paid version. I love that I can sync it with all my devices, create subfolders, actually physically “check” things off my lists… and that you can set reminders and sync it with your calendar too. Highly recommended!

Love It

This my favourite to do list app. Great work by the team, Iove the UX and UI.

Great App

I use it for my business in a free version. its has lots of potential and could rid you of other apps like Slack and Reminders. you can even use it to manage simple projects as we do in a digital print shop.

Excellent, streamlined app

So easy and intuitive to use. Love that it syncs from my computer to my mobile devices. Appreciate that checked off items are still available, but hidden. Everything I need to keep organized and on track. Highly recommend it.

Helps keep me organized

Between work, family events, sports, travel, bills… I love how this helps keep me organized within all my projects!

Keeps me organized and is beautiful, too

I love this app. I’ve tried many To Do lists, and this is a perfect mix of ease of use, and all the options you need.

Exactly what I want

My favourite to-do list app both on mac and iOS


Its an amazing app!!!!!!! Loving it…… Have wasted money previously on other apps but this one is really great

Easiest to use

This App has all I need and so easy to use. within minutes I was able to start using it. The Sync between devices is almost instantly.


This App has changed the way we do business. Love it!

So good, I had to write a review.

I normally don’t write reviews for apps but, so far, this one is so good that I felt obliged to give ‘em a tip of the hat. Although I am relatively tech-saavy and embrace new technologies, in general I have been disappointed / unsatisfied with the vast majority of apps for organization / scheduling etc. My biggest issues usually surround data-input and intuitive management and the like - I find it is rare to discover an app that represents an actual improvement over well established, non-electronic methods. Wunderlist appears to be an exception: it is actually fast and easy to use, intuitive, sync’s across devices very well and shows commitment towards continued improvement. Highly recommended. Thanks for creating an exceptional app.

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